TRESCA policy brief consultation process

Dear Madam/Sir,

on behalf of the TRESCA project consortium, we are pleased to share with you this policy brief, which provides a summary of our key findings on how to support a more efficient and effective communication between scientists and policy-makers for the purposes of evidence-based policy-making.

The policy brief aims to provide concrete and practical recommendations to EU policy-makers on how to better engage with experts and leverage scientific findings in their decision-making. The recommendations were developed on the basis of a widespread secondary and primary research, including a European-level survey process and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders.

In order to validate the research findings, the project intends to collect and discuss the views of the broadest segment of the relevant stakeholder group, i.e. European-level policy-makers dealing with research and innovation, or policy influencers whose professional opinion tend to be considered by policy-makers in one form or another. We therefore wish to invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives on the proposed measures. Please use the attached questionnaire form – most questions are optional. Your answers are by default anonymous - but you have the chance to share your contact data with us if you wish so.

Should you have any questions or comments, please let the project consortium know by contacting Gabor Szudi (Centre for Social Innovation, Vienna – ZSI) at

Further and detailed information on the project, its activities and achievements are also available online at

Disclaimer: the survey is formulated so that no respondent can be identified on a personal level, unless he/she intends to provide personalised data. If such data is shared then respondent gives consent that his/her data may be shared with the relevant services of the European Commission for reporting purposes. The personal information/data will remain confidential and not be shared with other stakeholders or third parties, unless explicitly agreed. Upon request all provided data of respondent will be deleted.

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