Excellence-in-ReSTI Pilot Training Programme: Call for Applicants

Application form for pilot training participants for DTP project Excellence-in-ReSTI

Dear Applicant,

thank you for your interest in the pilot blended training programme offered within DTP project Excellence-in-ReSTI.

All relevant information on project activities and pilot training programme are available here.

Please take utmost care to fill in all upcoming questions, as well as to upload your up-to-date CV in English language since your application will be evaluated based only on the information provided (later revision and completion is not possible).

If you feel that you are unable to finish the survey at the first attempt, you have the choice to save your answers with the "Resume Later" button at the upper right corner and finalise the rest of the survey later.

Please be aware of the fact that the submission of your relevant degrees and language exam documents is not required at this phase, but in case of your successful application, a submission of scanned versions will be obligatory (expected to be in June, 2018 – please prepare these documents in advance in order to meet the deadline).


Disclaimer: I understand that by filling out the application form I can be identified at a personal level through the data provided. I understand and agree that my personal information/data provided will only be used for the purposes of evaluating my application by the relevant project members of DTP project Excellence-in-ReSTI and may only be shared with the relevant Project Officer of the Danube Transnational Programme's Joint Secretariat for reporting purposes. The personal information/data will remain confidential and not shared with other stakeholders or third parties, unless I explicitly agree to it. Upon request all provided data will be deleted and my participation will not be identified at any later stages of the project.


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